Learning 3D Art: New Year

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The end of 2020 was not very fruitful for my 3D art progress.

However, the end of the year saw an auspicious arrival of Radeon™ Prorender for Blender 3.0 on November 16. For me this meant the one thing: ray tracing GPU rendering on my mac, finally! However, for a big fan of procedural texturing such as myself, there was still a serious hindrance: lack of support for most texture nodes I got so fond of while using Cycles.

Desperate, I looked for a solution, and naturally, I turned to Substance Designer which is more or less the industry standard for procedural texturing. At first I was pissed off by a subscription price of $219 per year for an indie licence, but then I noticed a link to perpetual indie licence on Steam. Contrary to my intuition, the price for a Substance Designer 2021 preorder was merely around $29, and it did not take me too long to make the decision, so I happily pushed the button and prepared to wait until January 26.

To my surprise, after preordering Substance Designer 2021 I also got a free 2020 which I immediately downloaded on Steam.

Substance Designer on Steam

I like how it says ‘Time Played’. Best computer game ever!

Learning a new tool feels daunting though. There is so much more you can do with procedural texturing than in Blender! And some things work differently too. Thus, I have only completed the single tutorial so far, Wood Floor PBR in Substance Designer by Jaakko Saari. The tutorial is from 2017 which means I had to simplify it, partly because Designer 2020 does a lot of things simpler and was in a festive mood. As a result, I did not go for exactly same look and ended with something not as nice but certainly fun.

Floor Planks Texture rendered with Radeon™ Prorender

I also tried RPR (above) and the result is great, it looks slightly better than Cycles (below) and it took twice less time to render!

Floor Planks Texture rendered with Cycles

With Substance Designer I now have much more procedural texturing power than I did in 2020! May 2021 be auspicious for everyone!

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